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Floral Designs / text - 11 months ago

9 Common Poisonous Plants You May Grow

“Poisonous plants – can you tell me which ones are?” That is a question I get all the time. Very often the email is asking for a list of poisonous plants for cats. Most of the time our focus is on plants to provide color where it looks best – indo...

Floral Designs / text - 11 months ago

Coleus Seed: How To Grow Coleus From Seeds

Anyone who has ever tried rooting Coleus blumei from cuttings knows how easy it is to grow. Many of us got our first house plant – a coleus plant by propagating coleus through stem cuttings., but did you ever try growing coleus seeds for a really p...

Floral Designs / text - 11 months ago

11 Colorful Summer Flowers That Beat The Heat

Which summer flowers help you light up the hottest dog days of summertime? Below are 11 flowers that bloom all summer and an tips of how they grow and where to plant them. The descriptions also provide some required maintenance. 1. Butterfly Weed...